Montessori Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the transitional year between Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Montessori allows this changeover year to include a high quality curriculum designed to meet your child’s needs. 

A Montessori Classroom includes a mixed age group and as a kindergarten student your child will become a classroom leader, displaying increased self-esteem socially and academically.  Their gifts of leadership, mentoring, and instruction to younger children develop naturally, and benefit the whole classroom. 

Our Kindergarten Program does not require five full days a week attendance, giving you the option of time with your child during the week for additional activities, or to be with his or her family. As well as the flexibility we offer, there are no standardized tests given in our classrooms. CHMS teachers use observed assessment and focused documentation to track our students, allowing them to easily adapt lesson plans based on the best interests of the child. 

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“It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give a child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities.”  

Maria Montessori 

Montessori Kindergarten Testimonials


“Both my sons attended CHMS for their Kindergarten year.  Not only did they gain tremendous self-confidence from being in a familiar environment and being the oldest in their classroom, their academics blossomed!  They entered public school near or at the top of their class in both reading and math.”


“Our son participated in the Kindergarten Program at CHMS. We were very pleased with the leadership skills that he acquired while enrolled. At the end of the year our son demonstrated increased confidence within an academic setting, as well as a wonderful love for learning and teaching others. This program gave him the secure environment he needed to progress effectively during his crucial early developmental years. Thanks to all his great instructors and the administration for their commitment to his education.”


“We were AMAZED at the new leadership and ownership of her education & classroom that our daughter began to show almost immediately those first few weeks of her kindergarten year! We had no idea, and everything just took off all year long. All her years at CHMS were great, but her Kindergarten year was definitely the best.”