Children's House Montessori School

Encouraging life-long learning in a nurturing, child-centered environment.

Children's House Montessori School - Encouraging life-long learning in a nurturing, child-centered environment.

Parent Reviews

“My son turned two last December and Children’s House enrolled him right away in the middle of the school year! It has been an incredible experience. The teachers helped him along in his potty training, and channeled his good energy to painting, great language skills, and little things that you don’t often think about, like holding a pencil correctly. He come’s home singing songs and loves to go to ‘Montessori’!


One of our favorite things is the focus on outdoor time – Children’s House has an amazing playground – it’s huge and has gardens, slides, sandbox filled with toys, etc. And finally, the parent community is awesome! We’ve made a lot of new friends which is really nice for parents with small kids.”  Caeli Quinn and Denny Gignoux


“Both my sons attended CHMS for their Kindergarten year.  Not only did they gain tremendous self-confidence from being in a familiar environment and being the oldest in their classroom, their academics blossomed!  They entered public school near or at the top of their class in both reading and math.” Jen Asebrook


“Our son participated in the kindergarten program at Children’s House Montessori School the school year of 2009-2010.  We were very pleased with the leadership skills that he acquired while enrolled in this program.  At the end of the year our son demonstrated increased confidence within an academic setting as well as a wonderful love for learning and teaching others.  This program gave him the secure environment he needed to progress effectively during his crucial early developmental years.  Thanks to all his great instructors and the administration for their commitment to his education.” Kari Jurgens


“The maturity growth in my daughter this year has been amazing.  It’s fantastic to see her grow into herself and take responsibility for the classroom and younger students.  Montessori rocks!  We were AMAZED at the new leadership and ownership of her education & classroom that our daughter began to show almost immediately those first few weeks of her kindergarten year!  We had no idea, and everything just took off all year long.  All her years at CHMS were great, but her Kindergarten year was definitely the best.” John Lacey


Thanks for the great summer and the past three years. I still remember dropping off our son when he was two years old. It was hard and I am thankful I’ve had such great people to care for my children.  You’ve taught them a lot! I regularly speak to others about how much we’ve loved CHMS!  Lynn and Wakefield Troy